Roll Over Files for New Year

When preparing for the next year's show why not use as much of the data from the previous year as possible, thus avoiding retyping much of the schedule details, member's, entrant's and stallholder's names and addresses and stall site details.
Roll Over Files for New Year does this for you.

Basically, this option takes a show data file, COPIES it to another data file then deletes the entries and special requests, and unassigns stall sites. So the new data file still contains the schedule, all contact names and details and stall site information. AgShow also performs a Repair and Compact on the new data file.

Steps to take to reuse an AgShow data file for the next year are:

  1. Load the AgShow Utilities program
  2. Backup the previous year's data file if you havenít already done so.
  3. Click on the Roll OverFiles For New Year button to open the Roll Over to New Year form.
  4. Click on the Select Last Yearís File to Convert From button and select your previous year's file. eg. C:\AgShow\BENDIGO2008
  5. Click on the Enter Filename for New Year's Data File button and in the File Name field type in the name for the next year's file. eg. BENDIGO2009
  6. When setting up for a new year AgShow copies the previous year's file to the new filename specified above then deletes unwanted data from the new file. The options at the bottom of the screen specify what will be deleted.
  7. Click the Copy button to create your new file.
  8. The Set Base Details form appears so that you can alter the Year, Show Date etc. in the new data file.
  9. Exit AgShow Utilities and start the normal AgShow program.
  10. From the Main Menu top menu bar select File->Open to open your new file.