Trade Stalls Menu

Trade Stalls are an integral part of every Agricultural Show, where local retailers and business people hire space within the showgrounds to display and sell their wares. So, another task of the Show Secretary is to keep track of who has hired each site and their payments. AgShow's Stall Stalls module helps to do this.

The Trade Stalls Menu allows you to define Trade Stall Sites, define Stallholders, allocate the stall sites to stallholders, plus print a variety of reports.
AgShow's trade stall sites are extremely flexible as there a base fee for each site, plus you can define your own Stall Site Extras then add as many Extras as required to each site.

An Extra may be Water, or Power, or Elevated Position. Whatever you want!

General procedures for Trade Stall Sites:
  1. Create the Stall Site Extra template for each extra that you will require.
  2. Create a Stall Site and enter all information.
  3. Add the extras required for the Stall Site.
  4. New stall sites are based on the data in the current stall site, so it is very easy to add new sites.
  5. Extras, their description and prices can be altered for each stall site.
  6. Allocate the stall sites to a stall holder.
    Each site can only be allocated to one stallholder.

Stall Site Extras

Stall Site Setup

Assign Sites

Update Stall Fees by Group

Trade Stall Reports:

Stallholder's Confirmation and Tax Invoice

Trade Stalls Allocation List

Lists details of every stall site, including who it has been assigned to.

Stallholder's Fee Listing

Lists details assigned sites including payment breakdowns.
Plus, of course, the grand total from stall income.

Stallholder's Site List

Lists stallholder by company/name with site# of booked sites.
Designed to use as an index to sites.
Can also provide a simple list of stallholders.
There are many options to include fields and for general layout.
Omitting Header/Footer allows this report to be easily copy/pasted into a bigger picture Word document.

Extras Listing

Lists stalls, stallholders and fees for each Stall Extra.
Provides subtotals of fee income for each Extra.