Stall Site Setup

Setting Up, or defining, each of your Trade Stall Sites is a fairly straight forward task because clicking the New Stall Site button creates a new stall sile based on values in the current site.
So, select a stall site that has values that match as closely as possible to the next site, click the New Stall Site button and you have minimal changes to make.

A stall site has a certain hire fee, then additional items, called Stall Site Extras can be specified for each site.
Extras should first be defined in the Stall Site Extras screen from the Stall Site Menu, however virtually all details, including the fee, can be altered for each stall site.

Group Code is a 2-character value that you create yourself.
Give similar stall sites the same Group Code to make it easier to update values within the Update Stall Sites by Group screen.

See Stall Site Setup screen:
See Stall Site Setup field details:
See Stall Site Extras: