Sponsors and Stallholders Word Mail Merge

Mail Merge can be used to:

AgShow's Mail Merge consists of 3 components:

See AgShow's Sponsors Mail Merge Selection screen.

Contents of a Sponsors AgShow Mail Merge Source Data File:

Contents of a Stallholders AgShow Mail Merge Source Data File:

Microsoft Word's Mail Merge:

Microsoft Word's Mail Merge Toolbar:

Microsoft Word's Mail Merge to Email:

AgShow's included Mail Merge Templates:

AgShowContactsLetterTemplate.doc - a no-frills Letter Template:

AgShowSoftShowTemplate.doc - with a Letter-Head:

AgShowSponsorThankYou.doc - Thank your sponsors:

AgShowMailLabels34mmTemplate.doc - Use Word to produce your labels:

AgShowContactList.doc - a Tab-Delimited Contact Listing:

Microsoft Word's Help has much more information on its Mail Merge feature. To access it from within Word: