Sponsorships Menu

The Sponsorship Module is designed to help the Show Administrator control the sponsorship income stream. AgShow supports four different types of sponsors:

  1. Package (or General) Show Sponsorships:
    Make it easier to sell sponsorships by specifying fancy-dancy packages that contain a number of goodies, such as naming rights to (Champion?) classes. You can define your own package names, eg. Gold Sponsorship Package, Silver Sponsorship Package etc. The General sponsorships, introduced in Version 9.0, have become the first Package. Packages are not linked to the schedule and are printed in the introduction to most reports, such as the Schedule and Entry Catalogue. Note, when specifying a Package for a sponsor it is not linked to the schedule, so if naming rights to an event is part of the package, the sponsor will need to be linked to the class separately.
  2. Section Sponsorships:
    Major sponsors that donate for a whole section and are printed at the top of each section in the schedule.
  3. Subsection Sponsorships:
    Also major sponsors but only for a subsection, for example a particular breed in the Cattle section. These sponsorships are printed at the top of each subsection in the schedule.
  4. Class Sponsorships:
    Sponsors that donate for a particular class, for example a Championship class. These sponsorships are printed with the class's details in the schedule.

Features for each individual sponsorship record include:

Sponsorships can be entered in two different places within AgShow:

  1. in the Define Schedule screen for a Section, Subsection or Class sponsorships.
  2. in the Sponsorships By Contact screen where all sponsorships, including Packages, for a particular sponsor can be entered and edited.

The Sponsorship Menu has options for you to Define Packages, enter Sponsorship Payments, print Invoices, send sponsorship details to Word's Mail Merge plus print a variety of reports:

Sponsorships by Contact

Define Packages:

Sponsorship Payments

Word Mail Merge

Sponsorship Reports:

Sponsorship Tax Invoice

Sponsorship List:

Sponsorship In-Kind Contributions List:

Sponsorship Income Summary:

Cash Fees and Payments Summary: