Show Day Reports Menu

The Show Day Reports Menu contains the reports required by Stewards and Judges, as well as some that can be used by Exhibitors, such as Pen Labels.
There are no screens that receive data that alters the database, however many of the reports have quite involved Selection screens where you specify options for the report.
Reports in the Show Day Reports Menu are:

Stewards Class Sheets

Entry Catalogue

Exhibitor Listing:
Simply lists the Exhibitors and the Class IDs of the classes they are entered in.
This report is designed to be collated into the Entry Catalogue booklet.
Prize Labels
One label is printed for each placing within each class. The labels contain the section name, class name, place number, plus cash and any other specified prize. The labels are designed to be pasted onto small envelopes that can then be filled with the cash prize, making distribution of the prizes easy and more efficient.
Entry Labels/Cards
One mailing sized label is printed for each entry, or exhibit. Entry Labels are designed to be placed next to exhibits on display. (Some Show Societies print these labels out and paste them in position on the display shelves prior to the exhibits arriving.)
Especially useful for Homecrafts, Photography etc.
Animal sections may prefer the larger Animal Pen Labels.
Animal Pen Labels
Animal Pen Labels are A4 sized designed to be placed on the animal's pen for identification.
Animal Ear Tag Labels
Animal Ear Tags are mailing label sized identification labels designed to be stuck onto an ear tag.

Total Prize Requirements:

Lists every prize specified and how many of them are required across all sections.

Prize Requirements by Section:

Lists prizes specified and the number required for each selected section.
Prizes to be included in the report can also be selected.
Optionally, the class names that the prize is specified for can be printed under each prize.  

Cash Prize Lists:

There are two reports:
  1. Cash Prize Summary:
    Lists all of the cash prizes up to 6th place for all or selected sections.
  2. Denomination Breakdown:
    If you pay your prizes in cash this report lists how many $2, $1 etc. coins are required. Section and subsection subtotals are listed. A favourite report if you package your cash prizes in envelopes for easy distribution on show day. If so, use this report in conjunction with Prize Labels that can be pasted on the envelopes.

Class Location Signs:

Prints signs that simply comprise of the section ID and name, subsection name and class ID and name.
These signs can be positioned within a pavilion on show day to clearly designate an area for the exhibits of each class.
The signs can be printed at 1, 2 or 4 per A4 page.