Renumber Class IDs

After the schedule has been edited, with classes added, deleted and changed position, this screen provides an easy way to reset the class IDs into an orderly sequence.

See screen.

Numbering Sequence:

Specify the section(s) that are going to be renumbered. In the screen above, the sections Horses and Showjumping class IDs will be renumbered sequentially, starting at number 1 and all with the same prefix 'H'. That is the new class IDs will be H1, H2, H3, ...

Class Code Prefix:

You can specify the prefix of each class ID to be the section ID, or the Subsection ID, of the section/subsection the class is in.
Alternatively, specify your own prefix ('H' in the screen above) or do not use a prefix if you prefer just numbered classes.
In the example above, by specifying 'H' as a prefix and selecting both Horses and Showjumping sections, the classes will be sequencially numbered across both sections all with the 'H' prefix.
If the Section ID was used as a prefix then the classes in the Horses section would all be prefixed with a "U" and the Showjumping section with a "v'.

Champion Classes:

Specify what AgShow should do to the class ID of Champion classes.
"Skip Over, Leave Blank" is the normal selection as Champion classes do not have class IDs and they are not included in the counting sequence.

Select Section / Select Subsection:

This selection list only appears when "Selected Section(s)" is selected in the Numbering Sequence.
Multiple sections can be selected, click on a section to select it, click on it again to deselect.
The numbering sequence across multiple sections is ordered by Section Id and Subsection ID within each section.

If the Numbering Sequence is for a "Single Subsection Only" then two drop down boxes appear instead of the "Select Section(s)" so that you can select a Section then a Subsection within that section. Renumbering will be across the classes within the one selected subsection. To renumber across a number of subsections within a section you must do them one subsection at a time, altering the "Starting Number" appropriately.

Renumber Button:

Once you have selected all of your options, press the Renumber button to do it.
Note that there is no undo for this operation!