Defining Prizes

The Prize Specification form is selected from the Schedule Menu and is used to specify non-cash prizes, such as Ribbons, Trophies etc.
Every type of non-cash prize that is required by a class must be defined.
Define general prizes, such as shown in the example screen, for the standard classes.
Special prizes must also be defined. eg. the "B.A. William Memorial Trophy", even though it is used in only one specific class.

You need to specify a UNIQUE Prize Code for each prize. Try to use a code that reflects the name of the prize.

See screen.

Exit Screen:

The open door button is AgShow's standard exit button. Data is automatically saved on exit.

Add New Prize:

Click to add a new, blank prize.
AgShow supplies an initial Prize Code, being the next in the sequence A1, A2, A3 ....
You can change the Prize Code to something else up to 6 characters, but it must be unique across all Prize Codes.
Enter any description into the Prize Name.

Delete Prize:

The currently selected prize will be deleted. The selected prize is the one with the little triangle in the left column, "C1 Certificate - First" in the diagram above.
AgShow will not allow you to delete a prize that is linked to a class placing.

View Prize Winners:

Displays the prize winners of the selected prize.

Prize ID, Prize Name and Description Fields:

The Prize ID is up to 6 characters. AgShow constructs an initial ID, but you can overtype it. Your ID must be unique across all prizes. Use a shorthand notation system that indicates the prize. For example, start with the Section ID for special prizes.
The Prize Name field is printed in most reports.
The Description field is only printed in Prize Lists and is designed to store useful information required for ordering the prize. For example: materials, size, engraving information etc.
Press CTRL-Enter to start a new line when entering data within the Description field.