Schedule Menu

The Schedule Menu is where all of the competitions are defined from.
AgShow organises the schedule in a hierarchy of Sections, Subsections and Classes:

Before using AgShow for the first time, your Show's Schedule needs to be organised in terms of sections, subsections and classes.
Then these are entered into a new show data file.
For following years the schedule details can be rolled-over into a new data file and edited as necessary.
So, the very first year (time) you use AgShow requires the most amount of work!

A major task for the Show Secretary is the printing of the Schedule Booklet (or Programme). See 'Hints for Collating the Schedule Booklet' to obtain ideas for how AgShow can help with this task.

The screens in the Schedule Menu are (click on the screen name for more information):

Define Prizes

Define "Non-Cash" Prizes that is. These are certificates, ribbons, trophies etc.
It is best to specify every different trophy, sashes, ribbons etc. Particularly define each different personalised sash so that you can identify them. Then after they have been selected for their class prize, the Prize Requirements report will tell you exactly what prizes and how many of each that you require. 
Note, you can also use AgShow to print certificates, personally titled for each winning entrant.

Define Schedule

Define Schedule is possibly the heart of AgShow, where sections, subsections, classes, stewards and sponsors are defined and edited.

The Schedule screen contains many features that can be used when printing specialised reports, so I suggest that you read the help carefully.

Class Affiliations

Individual Show Societies are usually affiliated with some other Body, for example Victorian Agricultural Society Ltd. (VAS). These bodies often have competitions that class winners in each of the affiliated Societies are eligible to enter.
The Class Affiliations screen allows you to specify such Bodies, which can then be selected on a class-by-class basis in Define Schedule. Then, most reports can be restricted to contain only these classes.

Schedule Reports:

Three other screens in the Schedule Menu allow for easy specific editing of the schedule: