Defining the Schedule

The Define Schedule screen is divided into two panels or sides:

  1. The schedule outline is in the left panel with white background displayed in "tree" format.
  2. Double-click on a section or subsection (or the '+' next to it) to open up the subsections and classes under it.
  3. Click on a section, subsection or class in the tree to view its details in the right side screen.

A feature of AgShow's Schedule are the User-Defined Headings you can specify for a section which are headings for extra information you can collect for each entry.

See Define Schedule Section screen.

See User-Defined Headings Tab:

See Stewards Tab:

See Sponsors Tab:

See Define Schedule Subsection screen.

See Define Schedule Class screen.
See Places and Prizes:
Hints for Entering Schedule Details.

Hints For Collating the Schedule Booklet