Hints for Collating the Schedule Booklet

Creating the Schedule Booklet is one of the hardest and most time-consuming tasks that the Show Secretary has. Many show societies have their schedule booklet constructed within a Word or Publisher file and these files may be quite complex as they contain the Society’s Rules and Regulations, different section's Rules and Regulations, logos, advertisements etc. This booklet is updated from year to year.
AgShow also contains the schedule but is not directly linked to your Schedule Booklet file. Hence, any changes from year-to-year probably need to be duplicated in AgShow and in your Schedule Booklet file.

There are 3 methods where you can use AgShow to collate and update the Schedule Booklet (although you will probably use a mixture from them):

Method 1: Constructing the entire Schedule Booklet within AgShow:

Method 2: Printing the competition details from AgShow then Copy/Paste into Word:

Method 3: From within Word, importing schedule details using the AgShow Template:

Creating a PDF file of your Schedule to put onto your Web Page: