Class Affiliations

Individual Show Societies are usually affiliated with some other Body, for example Victorian Agricultural Society Ltd. (VAS). These bodies often have competitions that class winners in each of the affiliated Societies are eligible to enter. By specifying each of the affiliated bodies, then selecting them for the corresponding classes, it is easy to print out the required specific results sheet to send to the affiliated body.

Another use of an Affliatation is for special Aggregate Prizes across a number of classes that may not be grouped together in one subsection or section. Simply create an affiliation for the aggregate prize, specify that affiliation in the relevant classes, enter the placings and specify any Aggregate Points applicable, then select the Affiliation in the Aggregate Prizes screen. Viola!


Is autogenerated and cannot be altered.

Affiliation Name:

Well, simply enter or edit the name!
Any changes are automatically saved when you exit the screen.