Prize Certificates

Prize Certificates are one of AgShow's best features.
It allows personalised certificates to be printed immediately after results have been entered.
Or, preprint them with the showname, section and class details then write the winner's name in after the competition.
And, printing them yourself can save a considerable amount of money to having the certificates printed externally. (Could even save you more than the annual fee for AgShow!)

However, the setup for constructing certificates is the most involved of all of AgShow's screens.
Version 9.1 has some improvements that now enables the Prize Certificates to print labels.
The data in the labels is restricted to what is included in the Prize Certificates, but you can certainly construct your own Entry Labels. See below for an example.

See Quick Overview.

The certificate setup comprises 6 tabs:

See Print Range tab.
See Certificate Size tab.
See Database Content tab.
See Graphics tab.
See Text Boxes tab.
See Print Preview of Certificate.
See Pre-Printed Certificate Instructions.

See Example Setup for 2 Certificates per page.

See Example Setup for 4 Certificates per page.

See Example Setup for your own designed Entry Labels.

Setting certificates up is certainly a trial-and-error task, especially if your certificate contains graphic images, particularly a background image. This is because different printers on the same computer can render the graphics slightly different sizes, and even the same printer on different computers.