Entry of Placings

A typical entry of the results for a particular class only requires the use of three drop-down lists (no typing is involved):

  1. Select Section from the top drop-down list or the Section drop-down list in the centre of the screen
  2. Select Class for result from the second top drop-down list.
    For sections that have repeated Class IDs and Class Names across different subsections, eg. Cattle across the different breeds, it is preferrable to select the Subsection and Class in the drop-down lists in the centre of the screen to avoid the duplicated classes in the list.
  3. For each place select the entrant from the drop-down list in the Entrant column.
  4. Championship classes do not have specific entries as all entries within the subsection or section are eligible. Simply tick the Subsection or Section in the 'Select Entrant from the entries in:' and AgShow will list those entries for you to select the Entrant from.

The Entry of Placings screen:

Details on some of the fields and buttons:

Note: Class Affiliatations can be used for special aggregate prizes across a number of classes that may not be grouped together in one subsection or section. Simply create an affiliation for the aggregate prize, specify that affiliation in the relevant classes, enter the placings and specify any Aggregate Points applicable, then select the affiliation in the Aggregate Prizes screen. Viola!