Mark Prizes as Collected

The Mark Prizes as Collected form is selected from the Results Menu.

Once prizes have been allocated in the Entry of Placings form then this form enables you to mark individual prizes and cash prizes as having been collected. Prizes to be marked may be selected for an entrant or by a section.

  1. When an entrant collects his/her prizes from the Secretary's Office, the prizes collected can be recorded with just a few mouse clicks.
  2. It is also just as easy to mark all prize records as collected for a section that distributes prizes at judging.
  3. Cash Prizes and Non-Cash Prizes for each placing can be marked separately.
  4. The Prize Collection Date is also recorded.
  5. AgShow even allows for recording a Collection Amount that is different to the specified cash prize.
  6. The Mark Prizes as Collected form also contains a Print Preview to a detailed report of each selected placing record's status.
  7. Plus, the Prize Collected status can be printed on reports 'Results by Class', 'Results by Entrant' and the 'Cash Prize Summary'.

The Mark Prizes as Collected screen:

Details on some of the fields and buttons: