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The Membership Menu allows you to define Membership Categories, assign memberships, plus print a variety of reports.

Family Memberships:
One method is to specify two different categories. The main contact person of the family could have the Category of "Family Membership - Contact" and other members of the family all have the Category "Family Membership". You can also alter the Member# manually so that all have the same number. Now membership lists, labels and cards can include all members of the family or only the contact person, simply by selecting the appropriate Categories to be included in the list.
When Entering a Show Entry select the main contact person that Family Memberships are listed under, then the names of all of the memberships will appear in the Entrant drop-down list on the Entries Tab so that members of the family can be easily selected for each individual entry.

Membership Categories

Assign Memberships


Allocate Committee Positions:

Word Mail Merge

Memberships Reports:

Cash Fees and Payments Summary:

Prints a summary of the Cash Fees and Payments for each contact or an Overall Summary over all contacts.
You can restrict the contacts to be included in the report to entrants only, members, stallholders or sponsors, or select just a single contact.
Additionally, selected contacts can be restricted to those whose total balance is Owing or Over Paid.
The report can be printed as a List or as a Detailed Summary.
See Overall Detailed Summary Report:

Personal Membership Details and Tax Invoice

Membership List

Membership Renewal Notices

Membership Labels and Cards

Mailing Labels

Much more than just Mailing Labels!

Category Summary:

Lists each membership category with its number of members and income.
The summary is printed for any selected year, or selected multiple years.