Membership Mailing Labels

Membership Labels are much more than just Mailing Labels, although that was the original function.
Mailing Labels are certainly supported, plus selected contacts also interface with Word's Mail Merge feature.

The Mailing Label Selection form, directly accessible from the General Menu, shows that more than just members can be selected.
The procedure to using this form is:

  1. Select the Contacts you want in your list. eg. "All current Stallholders".
    Multiple boxes (selections) can be ticked.
  2. If "Members by Year and Category" is selected the the Memberships selection boxes appear as seen in the screen below.
  3. Press the "Collate Data" button. If "Select Contacts by Name" is ticked then a form appears where you can individually select each contact (see below).
  4. The "Print Labels" button become enabled so that you can select it to open the "Labels Size Specification" selection form (see below).
  5. To use the "Word Mail Merge" feature you must select: See the Word Mail Merge page for more information.

See the Mailing Labels Selection form:

See Select Contacts by Name selection form:

Labels Size Specification form

AgShow can print to almost any height/width labels which are defined in the Label Size Specification form that is loaded when you click on the 'Print Labels' button..