Membership Labels and Cards

Membership Labels are designed to be printed on 25mm or 37mm mailing labels.
Membership Cards are designed to be printed on A6 Card and acts as both a Tax Invoice and an identification card.
The A6 card that this report is designed for (used at Albany) measures 105mm x 148mm and has a perforated strip 85mm from the top. The bottom part of the card is torn off and is used for identification purposes, similar to a business card, whilst the top part of the card is kept and acts as a receipt.

Membership Labels can be also printed on Business Card perforated sheets and given to each member for identification at the gate on show day.

See Membership Label and Card Selection screen details:

See Membership Mailing Labels:

Setting up 37mm labels to print to 52mm Business Card size:

See A6 Cards: