How To Insert Schedule Details directly into Word

Writing the Schedule Booklet is a major task for the Show Secretary. Often, the Schedule Booklet is collated in Microsoft Word and contains Section, Subsection and Class details interleaved within advertisements, pictures and other general information. Hence, when schedule details change from one year to the next they have to be altered in both AgShow and the Schedule Booklet.

Picture of AgShowTBar toolbar
The AgShow Template file extends the capabilities of Microsoft Word to import Section, Subsection and Class details directly from AgShow into the current word document via the AgShowTBar toolbar. So you can easily insert a Section or Subsection's details into your Schedule document inbetween the advertisements, pictures and other information. This makes the collation of the Schedule Booklet based on the schedule details specified in AgShow easy, accurate and fast.

This feature is incorporated into Microsoft Word by loading the template file from within Word.
Note that AgShow MUST also be running for this feature to work.

1. Enabling Macros to run in Word:

2. Installing the Template:

3. Loading the AgShow Template:

4. The AgShowTBar Toolbar:

5. Inserting AgShow Classes into Word by Section:

6. Inserting AgShow Classes into Word by Subsection:

7. Results of Inserting Classes from AgShow:

8. Unloading the AgShow Template:

9. Using Word Styles:

10. Modifying Word Styles:

Note that AgShow must also be running for the Word connection to be established.