Access 2007/2010 causes References Error

When Microsoft Access 2007/2010 runs it resets an internal reference that conflicts with Access 2002's reference. Prior to AgShow Version 10 AgShow ran exclusively under Access 2002 so users who had other applications in Access 2007/2010 encountered the problem outlined on this page.

NOTE: Version 10 and onwards:
AgShow now runs under Access 2007 or 2010 if installed on your computer, so the conflict that occurs when swapping between AgShow running under Access 2002 and other Access applications running 2007 or 2010 should now not happen. In AgShow Version 10.2, when the installation program detected more than one version of Microsoft Assess on the computer, the user is given a choice of which copy of Access to run AgShow under. Version 14 actually recommends using Access 2010 (or 2007), so you you do have the problems outlined on this page, try reinstalling AgShow and selecting 2007 or 2010.
However, if you other application runs under Access 2002 or 2003 then running AgShow under Access 2007/2010 will trigger the same problem within the other application. In that case, reinstall AgShow and select the same version of Microsoft Access as what your other Access application runs under.

Computers that run AgShow under Access 2002 Runtime plus have Access 2007/2010 installed will come across this error when starting AgShow after running Access 2007/2010.

For AgShow Version 6.6 and previous the error message encountered is:
Runtime Error 2501.
The OpenForm action was canceled.
      (Microsoft's spelling of cancelled!)
For AgShow 6.7 and after, something similar to:
Message Box displaying:
            AgShow has met an irrecoverable error trying to open the Main Menu.
            This is because you have previously run Access 2007 that has reset
            internal references that now conflict with AgShow's references. 
            To rectify this problem you need to delete AgShow's copy the
            MSACC.OLB file, then reinstall AgShow.
            AgShow will now start AgShow Help with instructions to do this.
This help page opens after you press OK.

Solution if running AgShow under Access 2002 Runtime:

The reference to the file MSACC.OLB is the one that is reset to Access 2007 or 2010's copy.
This file needs to be deleted from AgShow's copy of Access, then AgShow needs to be reinstalled.

Unfortunately, this process has to be performed after every time Access 2007/2010 is run.

Steps to Solve the Problem:

  1. Ensure that AgShow is closed.
  2. Start "Windows Explorer" by double-clicking on "My Computer" (or "Computer" in Vista) on the Desktop
  3. Navigate to the directory:
         C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Access Runtime\Office10
    In Windows Vista and Windows 7 this may be the directory:
         C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Access Runtime\Office10

    You can do this by, in Windows Explorer (see diagram below):
  4. Click on the file MSACC.OLB (or MSACC as the ".OLB" may be hidden)
  5. Press the "Delete" key to delete the file and then confirm the deletion
  6. Reinstall AgShow from the AgShow CD.
    Steps for reinstalling AgShow:
  7. Now, AgShow will start correctly.
    But, the above steps will need to be rerun before starting AgShow after each time you start Access 2007.

Selecting MSACC.OLB in Windows Explorer in Windows 7 corresponding to point 2 above (your date/times may be different):