How To Order Entries within a Class

Entries within a Class in the Stewards Class Sheets, Entry Catalogue and other reports are ordered by Exhibit Number. So, the method AgShow uses to reorder the entries is to Recalculate the Exhibit Number to order them by one of:

The User-Defined Headings allows you to collect and store extra information on each entry which provides you with a great amount of flexibility. Some examples that you could collect data on and sort entries by:

Generally, sorting entries is done on a section basis, as the way you want to order Homecrafts is usually different to the order requirements for Horses. Setting up the sorting of entries is a 4-step process:

  1. Define User-Defined Headings (if necessary):

  2. Enter the Entries:

  3. Recalculate the Exhibit Numbers:

  4. Print the required reports:

Manually Editing Exhibit Numbers: