Hints and How Tos

Hints for Entering Schedule Details.

Hints For Collating the Schedule Booklet

Supplier Order Lists for Prizes:

Changing a Report's Printer Selection and Page Margins:

Printing a Report to a PDF file:

Creating a PDF file of your Schedule to put onto your Web Page:

Specifying Selected Classes for Aggregate Competitions:

Data Entry: Avoid Duplicating an Existing Contact record:

Backup your .sho Data Files often:

Use Special Requests:

Family Memberships:

Use Mail Merge to Communicate with Members:

Create your own Mail Merge Templates:

Use Mail Merge for Emailing to Contacts:

Use Membership Labels or Cards for Identification:

Use Entry Labels for Exhibit Identification:

Use Pen Labels for Animal Exhibit Identification:

Use Prize Labels and Cash Prize Denomination Report for cash prize distribution:

Microsoft Access Security Notice on startup:

Merging AgShow Data Files (working from home):

Networking Multiple Computers with AgShow: