General Menu

The General Menu (previously End-Of-Year Menu) is also a Utilities Menu, in that not only does it have summary reports to be printed after the running of the show, but it also provides utility options to setup, cleanup and export data.

Set Base Details

AgShow License Fees

Cleanup Menu:

Reset Word Mail Merge Reference:

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer and AgShow is not connecting to Word properly in the Mail Merge screens, then click this button to try to reconnect to Word. It might help as it forces AgShow to recompile, but if you had problems initially then it probably won't!

Backup .sho Data File:

Click to Backup the current data file.
The backup is saved as a compressed .arj (or .zip) in a folder named 'backup' within the AgShow folder. The date of the backup is appended to the file in 'yyyymmdd' format. That is, a backup of the current data file (say, agshdemo.sho) may be saved as C:\AgShow\backup\agshdemo_20150614.arj
Backing-up is quick and painless, so try to regularly save a backup as you never know when one will be required.
To 'Restore' from a previous backup you need to start AgShow Utilities.

Mailing Labels

GST Summary