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The Entries Menu allows you to enter entries, enter new memberships, print a sample entry form, plus print a variety of reports.

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Entry Catalogue

Entry Listing By Class:
Basically, a no frills version of the Entry Catalogue.
Entry Listing By Entrant:
Lots of content and layout options.
This report is basically a very no-frills version of the Confirmation of Entries designed more for internal use.
Entry Count and Entry Fee Income:

  Entrants With Fees Owing:
Lists entrant name and address, Fees Due and Fees Paid for those entrants that have not yet paid enough.
These entrants probably require another Confirmation of Entry to remind them of their outstanding fees.
Entrants with Overpaid Fees:
All honest Show Societies print this report;-).
It includes a little box column so that you can mark off when refunds are given!