Recalculate Exhibit Numbers

Some sections (classes?) require the entries within each class to be printed in a specific order.
AgShow prints entries in order of Exhibit Number so changing the Exhibit Number changes the order the entries are listed within each class.
Note, there is no UNDO for this operation. (But, if you do not like the end result simply recalculate the exhibit numbers again.)

Entry Numbers and Exhibit Numbers:
Every entry is given a unique Entry Number by AgShow when the entry is entered. It is just a sequntial number used across all entries in the .sho data file and cannot be changed.
The Exhibit Number is the entry's number used in each Class competition. The Exhibit Number is calculated by AgShow when the entry is entered, but it can be altered either manually in one of many screens, or using the renumbering sequence from this screen. Entries within each class within Stewards Class Sheets (and Entry Catalogue) are printed in Exhibit Number order.
The following screen will recalculate exhibit numbers for all classes in the Cooking and Junior Cooking sections. Exhibit numbers will start at 1 for the first entry of the first class in the Cooking section, then increase sequentially through all classes in both sections.

Details on some of the screen's buttons and fields: