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AgShow - The Agricultural Show Society Administrator's Assistant

Quick Overview of AgShow:

AgShow is a computer program that is designed to facilitate the show administrator in many of the day-by-day tasks involved in running an Agricultural Show.

Tasks that an Agricultural Show Society Secretary is involved in include:

  • Schedule preparation and printing.
  • Collecting and collating entries.
  • Printing reports required for Show Day, such as Stewards Class Sheets and Entry Catalogue booklets.
  • Distributing prizes to winning entries, including calculation of any aggregate prizes.
  • Maintaining the Society's membership list.
  • Keeping track of sponsorships, including in-kind donations.
  • Organising Trade Stalls sites.

The Activities page from AgShow Help describes these activities in full and specifies how AgShow can assist with each activity.

AgShow can assist the Show Society Administrator by:

  • Schedule preparation and printing:
    The schedule is defined on a section-subsection-class heirarchy. However, the flexibility of AgShow's schedule module should ensure the schedule in AgShow is almost identical to your current schedule.
  • Stewards can be specified for each section, subsection and/or class. AgShow facilitates communication with stewards by interfacing directly with Microsoft Word's Mail Merge, where individually addressed letters can be printed or emailed.
  • AgShow helps to collate a professionally looking Schedule Booklet by outputting the schedule directly into Microsoft Word, or any program that supports the .rtf file format.
  • Collecting and processing entries:
    Data entry of show entries is quite straightforward. An entrant's personal details are entered (or selected from a list if previously entered) then the class for each entry is selected and, with one more click of the mouse, the new entry is created. But, data entry is still time consumming. AgShow supports multiple computers connected together on a Local Area Network (LAN) to be connected to the same data file, hence enabling multiple people to help with the data entry.
  • You can also define extra information you may require to collect for each entry.
    eg.: Animal Number, Tag Number, Horse's Name, Date of Birth, Selling Price, etc. The number of extra information fields is unlimited and is defined on a section basis.
  • Entrant personal details only need to be entered once, irrespective of how many entries. And, these personal details are carried forward from one year to the next.
  • A Confirmation of Entry can be emailed or posted to each entrant clearly outlining their entries, entry fees paid and any amount owing.
  • AgShow can also collate the show entries into an Entry Catalogue.
  • On show day, informative Stewards Class Sheets detailing extensive information on each entry can easily be printed for judging purposes.
  • Maybe you only take entries on the day of the show. AgShow can print blank Stewards Class Sheets (a page for every class) that entries can be written onto. A Placing Slip can be printed on the bottom where winners are specified for returning to the Secretary.
  • Results data entry is an easy point-and-click that simply links an entry to a placing.
  • You can even print your own Prize Certificates from within AgShow Entries, personalised with the winning class and entrant names.
  • Prizes owing to each entrant across selected sections can be printed making prize payment efficient. AgShow also has the facility to check off cash and prizes as they are collected.
  • AgShow supports GST on entries and on prizes that registered entrants can declare (see below).
  • Collating points for Aggregate Competitions across different classes is supported.
  • The Membership Module makes keeping track of members easier and supports communication by mail or email using Microsoft Word's Mail Merge.
  • Trade Stalls are an important income source. AgShow helps with assigning stalls and printing income details.
  • Schedule, stewards and entrant details are rolled over from year to year, so avoiding redoing much of the data entered during the first year.
  • AgShow provides a solid foundation for a new Secretary in a Society already using AgShow. (i.e. AgShow supports Secretary roll-overs .)

AgShow has GST Support:

  • Registered Entrants, such as stud breeders, can claim GST included within an entry fee and should also declare any GST included within a cash prize.
  • AgShow prints detailed Tax Invoice reports that can be mailed or directly emailed to registered entrants.
  • GST can be included within the advertised cash prize or added onto the advertised cash prize for registered entrants.
  • Summary reports that detail GST included in entry fees, prize money paid, memberships and trade stall income.
  • see the GST Considerations page from AgShow Help for more details.

Learning how to use AgShow:

  • AgShow does not include a User's Manual but it does contain quite extensive context sensitive help. Just press the F1 key whilst using AgShow to read help on what you are doing.
  • The installation of AgShow includes a Training Manual that contains a set of exercises which takes you through the basics of AgShow using a sample data file. It is strongly recommended that you work through these exercises immediately after installing AgShow.
  • The first time that you use AgShow is by far the most difficult because your schedule is required to be entered. This is a once-off, time-consuming task that SoftShow can do for you, subject to availablity, for a charge of $300. Contact me, preferably via email.

System Requirements:

  • Pretty much any computer less than 10 years old running Microsoft's Windows operating system.
  • Good quality printer.

Development of AgShow:

  • The first AgShow was written to help the 1995 Bendigo Agricultural Show. AgShow has undergone many additions and improvements since then. The current version is Version 16.1 released May 2018.
  • AgShow does not come with a User's Manual as such, but it does contain a very comprehensive context-sensitive help system.
  • Version 16.1 was released in May 2018, with the main new feature being the incorporation of the Office Ribbon, which enables AgShow to run under Access 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. (But not under Access 2002 or 2003 anymore.)
  • Version 6.2 released in September 2018 added extra features to the ribbon, particularly in the data export tabs of print preview, the ability to email Entry Labels, plus the ability to add up to 5 file attachments to an AgShow Email Report.
  • Development of AgShow was supposed to come to a halt with the release of Version 15.1 in June 2015. Hence the new version 16.2 can now be downloaded free of charge.
  • One question often asked is: Does AgShow support entrants entering and paying for their show entries online?
    Answer: No, and as the development of AgShow has ceased there are no plans to add this feature in the future. However, AgShow has a very good import feature that should be able to import entries from a downloaded spreadsheet produced by such an online program.

How much does AgShow cost?

  • From May 2018 AgShow Version 16.1 (and now 6.2) is distributed freely to Show Societies within Australia via download from this web site. They then have permission to use AgShow to assist in the running of their annual show and other administrative tasks.
  • Will you still be able to receive help?
    As long as this website,, is operational, I will endeavour to answer all phone or email enquiries regarding the use of AgShow by Show Societies that have purchased or downloaded AgShow.
  • The first time that you use AgShow is by far the most difficult because your schedule is required to be entered. This is a once-off, time-consuming task that SoftShow can do for you, subject to availablity, for a charge of $300. Contact me, preferably by email.

How to download AgShow:

  • Simply click on the link in the right hand column above to open the downloads page.

Installation Troubleshooting:

Your computer already has a version Microsoft Access 64 bit installed, probably as part of Office Professional.
  • AgShow will NOT run under Access 64 bit.
    Unfortunately, the AgShow Setup program cannot differentiate between 64 and 32 bit versions of Access.
  • Solution is to download and install a 32 bit Access Runtime, which can be accessed from here.)
    You do NOT need to uninstall your 64 bit Access.
  • Once the 32-bit Access Runtime is installed reinstall AgShow.
  • Within AgShow Setup, select the newly installed Access for AgShow to run under.


AgShow Download

More Info:

AgShow Help
(the full context-sensitive help system for AgShow V16)


Who uses AgShow?

AgShow Training Manual
Contains general information plus a set of exercises to work through in order to gain an understanding of the basic operations of AgShow.

Microsoft Access Runtime download
Access Runtime 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.

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