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Microsoft Access Runtime Download
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Microsoft Access Runtime Download

AgShow Version 16.1 requires that Microsoft Access is installed for it to run.
It must be the 32-bit version of Access and can be any one of 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 versions of Access.
This page contains links to download a runtime version of Microsoft Access.

Read Carefully:

  • If you have Microsoft Office Professional installed then you probably have Access as part of that.
    Microsoft Office Home does not include Access.
  • The following links are for 32-bit versions of Access Runtime.
  • If you have a 64-bit Office and/or Access installed on your computer:
    • you will need to install a 32-bit Access Runtime.
    • Ensure that you select a different version (year) to the 64-bit Office or Access already installed on your computer.
    • You do not need to uninstall your 64-bit version of Offiice or Access.
  • You only need to download ONE version of the Access Runtime.
  • AgShow works pretty much the same on all versions.
    (The colour schemes are different for each version and my preference is Access 2010.)

Installation Instructions:

  • Click on "I'm not a robot" check box below to enable the download buttons.
    (It may ask you some more questions based on a grid of pictures.)
  • Select a version of Access Runtime then click on the link below.
  • Your browser may provide a file "Save As" dialogue box for you to select where to save the downloaded file, or it may simply directly save it to your Downloads location.
  • Then your browser may allow you to Open, or Run, the downloaded file.
  • If not, or your Windows refuses to open the file, then after the download use File Explorer to navigate to your Downloads, highlight the downloaded file and Open it.
  • Allow the file to make changes to your computer.
  • The installation process will start, which can take a long, long time.
    Follow the instructions on the screen and be very, very patient. (Your computer does NOT freeze!)
  • At the end of the Access Runtime installation, the Microsoft setup will suggest that you "Continue Online" to Complete your Office Experience. You do NOT need to "Continue Online" for running AgShow.
  • Once installed, rerun the AgShow Setup and select the newly installed version of Access.

Microsoft Access Runtime 32-bit Downloads:

Click on "I'm not a robot" check box to enable the download buttons below.

You only need to download ONE version of the Access Runtime.

Filename: AccessRuntime2016.exe (236MB)

Filename: AccessRuntime2013.exe (212MB)

Filename: AccessRuntime2010.exe (175MB)

Filename: AccessRuntime2007.exe (58MB)

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